DACG, Inc. has a long track record of providing excellent construction services throughout the State of Florida for a variety of clients and for a variety of project types. Here are just a few recommendations from our clients. Contact us for further testimonials and information on how we can help you with you next building project.

Well-Managed, Trusted Contractor:

Our experience was that DAGC had a well-managed construction team that truly is a ‘difference maker’ in creating a satisfied client. Their honesty and work ethic are impeccable.”
-Bert Fonseca, Vice President Operations, Skanska USA Building, Inc., Orlando, FL

Budget Conscious:

All of the work was accomplished while the facility remained open and while it performed at a higher revenue and profit level than it had in years over the same period. This was done without accident or incident to your work force or the general public. This is quite an accomplishment and one you and your team should be proud of. … DACG has truly been an integral part of making the project a success for all.”
-Michael E. Stratton, Vice President & Director of Operations, PBH & Associates (Holiday Isle Beach Resort & Marina)

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