Electrostatic Painting Added to Construction Services

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Railing painted with electrostatic painting method.

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. – Electrostatic painting methods are now well established as a primary means of corrosion protection and product finishing. Compared with the conventional, compressed air-spraying technique, the electrostatic method exhibits remarkable advantages, best known of which is the almost complete elimination of over-spray. This arises from the ‘homing’ charge given to the atomized paint during spraying operation.

DACG, Inc. announced today it has recently acquired the equipment and its personnel have completed the training to utilize this specialty coating technique. Electrostatic painting is a process that charges particles in the paint so that it can more efficiently adhere to metal surfaces.

“Electrostatic painting is a cleaner and a more cost-effective means to rejuvenate metal surfaces that are worn, faded or in need of a more modern look,” explained Jamie McCandless, DACG’s operations leader.

The list of metal surfaces that can be repainted with this process is nearly unlimited, McCandless said, and they include:

  • Wrought Iron Railings and Benches
  • Pool Furniture
  • Playground Equipment
  • Security Gates
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Flag Poles … and many more.

The electrostatic painting process starts with a specialized paint gun. A positive charge is applied to the paint as it moves across the rotating bell on the spray gun. The fluid is atomized into a fine spray which, under the influence of the electrostatic field, is attracted to the negatively grounded metal object. Just like a magnet, the oppositely charged paint and metal object will attract, pulling the fluid mist toward the target object receiving the paint.

For more information on electrostatic painting or any of the construction services available from DACG, Inc., contact Operations Leader Jamie McCandless at 407-960-4032, by email at info@dacginc.com or visit www.dacginc.com.

Before and After Electrostatic Painting

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Bench before Electrostatic Painting

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After Electrostatic Painting


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