DACG Launches Website with Industry Resources and Bidroom

LONGWOOD, Fla. (May 16, 2013) — DACGINC announced today that it has launched a website that serves as an industry resource and further reinforces its innovative approaches to technology.

The website at www.DACGInc.com also has a subcontractor bidroom feature for trades to prequalify for DACG projects.

“From estimating to communications between our offices and the job site, we are further poised to help keep our client’s projects on schedule and on budget with the features of our advanced website,” explained Heather McCandless, President of DACG.

DACG maintains a high level of safety on the job site and through training of their employees at their Longwood headquarters. The bidroom feature will further extend DACG’s commitment to safety with prescreening of subcontractors through the bidroom. DACG is a technology leader and uses BIM and other advanced software and mobile devices to improve communications amongst the project team.

DACG is a Longwood-based licensed general contracting firm with more than $150 million in previous educational facility construction projects, including campuses in Seminole County such as Tuskawilla Middle School, Seminole High School, Lake Howell High School, Oviedo High School and Jackson Heights Middle School campuses. Each of these campuses were occupied with students at the time of the work being completed.

For more information about DACG, call 407-960-4032.

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